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Rhymecology® helps people express, discover, and create themselves through the study and power of hip-hop lyrics and culture.  After 25 years of writing, reading, and studying lyrics, Jeff Walker became a master of rhyme writing and now is teaching others his secrets.


Jeff has a proven 5-pillar program for Rhymecology, which is interactive between coach and client, visionary, barrier breaking and fun as well. Jeff works with clients every step of the way as they work to become better songwriters and get completely clear with their artistic vision.


Unlike other song writing coaches, Jeff Walker gets “into the weeds” with the clients. He carefully examines every word, syllable and sentence to help clients cultivate the most creative and impactful rhymes possible.


Much more than just a rhyme coach, Jeff’s Masters degree in Psychology and 15 years experience counseling and coaching youth& adults is the perfect combination for those trying to break old habits so they can re-claim their power back.