Rhymecology® helps people express, discover, and create themselves through the study and power of hip-hop lyrics and culture. 

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A movement that uses the power of Hip-Hop lyrics & culture

to help people express, discover and create themselves.

Creator of Rhymecology, Jeff Walker, is a Rhyme Master, Rap Coach, and Qualified Mental Health Professional with a Masters in Educational Psychology and Counseling. Jeff uses his unique healing techniques with clients across the world for over 15 years. Rhymecology uses the power of hip-hop lyrics and culture to help people express, discover, and re-create their stories.

Hip-Hop can help and heal but it also can hurt. That is Rhymecology has created talks, workshops, books, and games to help therapists, teachers and parents to use Hip-Hop as an effective communication tool with youth.  Techniques and exercises utilize open-ended questions, encourage self-reflection, critical thinking and creative expression.

One of the most important aspects of Hip-Hop is lyric writing. Rhymecology has made it its mission to help people do just that. Rhymecology creator, Jeff Walker, coaches writers of all levels to “Write Better Rhymes”. He has been teaching his classes, conducting his workshops, and collaborating with clients and creatives across the world.

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A seasoned lyricist and poet, Jeff Walker can write on any topic. Whether you need co-writing, ghost writing or a personalized poem for loved one, the Rhymecology pen is always ready and waiting to help.


With a combination of spoken word, rhyming and inspiration, Jeff brings a calm, cool, creative vibe to wherever he goes.


Jeff will come to your agency, business, house or your corner and present Hip-Hop as a healing tool. Workshops, presentations, books and games are all part of the Rhymecology Healing package.

Jeff Walker, the Rhymecologist, is a personal rhyme coach who helps you break barriers and blockages en route to writing your best songs.



Rhymecology helps people express, discover and create themselves through the study and power of hip-hop lyrics and culture. Let's get to it. Tune in with The Rhymecologist himself, Jeff Walker, interviewing hip-hop legends, and breaking down their music & message.


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