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Workshops, Lectures & Presentations for:

*Rhyming Workshop

*Youth Workshops

*Hip Hop Healing (Teacher & Therapist Training Workshops)

Jeff will come to your agency, business, or school, and

present Hip-Hop as a healing tool.

Workshops, presentations, books, and games are all part of the Rhymecology Healing package.

Therapist Training Workshops

Youth Workshop

Jeff Walker conducts fun, engaging, and learning Rhymecology Rhyming Workshops  and classes based on the art of rhyming in hip-hop.


While learning about rhyming, the participants get to look at themselves and the world around them and often what comes out is more therapeutic than most talk therapy.


This package works well with any youth group, yet we've had tremendous success with at-risk youth.

Are you a counselor, therapist, teacher or parent who is spends their time and energy helping adolescents, only to be tuned out by Hip-Hop music?

Why not learn from the Rhymecologist on how to integrate Hip-Hop culture and music into your sessions with youth influenced by Hip-Hop Culture?

Through one, two, or three sessions Jeff Walker will coach you on how to use Hip-Hop as a healing tool. He will provide you with exercises suite, techniques, songs and albums which can relate best your particular client.

Jeff Walker is available for individual, group or company sessions.

Art of Rhyming Workshop

Whether you are a hip-hop aficionado or just testing the waters, The Hip-Hop based Rhymecology techniques will improve songwriting in any genre and give you that unique edge to stand out. This interactive class will expand your creative writing tool kit through a multitude of exercises and games as you learn about multi-syllabic rhyming, wordplay, and other rhyming secrets.


On the corporate side, “The Art of Rhyming” is a fun, outside the box way of bringing together co-workers for team building and ice-breaking.


Bring your pen & paper and create on the spot rhymes with Rhymecology!

Youth Workshop

Art of Rhyming Workshop

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