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Hip-Hop Healing

Research shows that “lasting success in therapy is mostly achieved when a client is internally motivated” and that integrating Hip-Hop in therapy with urban adolescents “increases attendance and participation in sessions”.


Those who enjoy or are influenced by Hip-Hop have grown up listening to artists express themselves verbally about the frustration, the anger, the love, the hate, the joy, the sadness, the goals, the dreams, the disappointments, and more all over the music. When we become used to hearing people we look up to express themselves so freely by the use of written and spoken word, it seems easier for users to do the same.


Rhymecology combines a wealth of Hip-Hop knowledge, an understanding of youth, years of experience, and a passionate purpose to the table. We want kids to feel like it is their right to express their voice, we want kids to own their own story without shame or guilt, we want kids to understand their past so they can start creating their future.


Therapists, counselors, teachers, and parents can use the Rhymecology tools available (books, a game, music) or agencies can bring in Rhymecology for workshops, presentations or courses.

Hip-Hop Healing Works

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